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OSHA Spring Conference

Let’s Do More, Together

Karen Aguilera

OSHA President

A new OSHA year has begun with another fantastic October conference, attended by more than 425 professionals and students who came together to network, share, and learn. Each and every year OSHA brings us a wealth of well-respected and knowledgeable speakers, and this year, too, provided an exceptional program with a wide variety of choices. Not only is the conference a wonderful professional development opportunity that offers us engaging and informative sessions, but it also allows us to network with colleagues old and new.

The OSHA conference is an experience that gives many of us a much-needed boost of energy and momentum moving forward. School and preschool program-based clinicians by this time of the year are often working on the tenth or twentieth revision of their caseload schedules, while due dates for IEPs and IFSPs come and go, and new referrals continue to pour in. Those in health care settings may be dealing with ICD-10 implementation, increased documentation demands from third party payers, and increased productivity requirements. Private practitioners may be challenged with the issues of marketing their services and getting reimbursed. Professors and students in our graduate programs are busy with the challenges of the new school year underway. With all that we need to do, it might be easy to become bogged down in those everyday details of our professional lives that sometimes seem only marginally related to our primary purpose of helping people communicate.

We chose this profession because we understand that the ability to connect with others, the ability to share our thoughts and feelings and stories, is an essential part of what makes us who we are. For us, there is no greater calling than to be able to help people with communication disorders.

As the days grow shorter, and the temperatures cooler, and we march off to work in the dark, and come home in the dark once again, there is a way that we can make that “post-conference high” last longer. By coming together, sharing information, and supporting each other, we can work toward real change on the issues that are most important to our professions and to our patients, clients, and students.  

OSHA’s mission includes supporting the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology in Oregon and advocating for the rights of people with communication disorders. I look forward to this upcoming year of doing more, together!


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