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OSHA has produced a letter, available at the link below, that will be sent to special education directors in Oregon, advocating for reasonable caseloads and workloads for SLPs. 

 We urge directors who plan, budget and hire for SLP coverage in their districts to take into account the improved student outcomes that result from appropriate caseload size.

 If you are a school-based SLP who is in need of a more reasonable caseload, please feel free to share this letter, along with the evidence-based informational graphs, with your colleagues, union representatives or administrators. 

OSHA Caseload Reduction Efforts.pdf

New Year, New “Membership Year”!

By Karen Aguilera, President

“Change is Constant, Change is Inevitable”

-Benjamin Disraeli

A new year is a great time for fresh starts and renewal, and it is also a very good time to make positive changes. OSHA has implemented a new membership policy designed to help alleviate confusion about when an individual’s membership begins and when it expires. This change will ensure that everyone who joins as a new member will receive a full year of OSHA membership.

What is the change?

OSHA now has the technical capability to implement what we call a “rolling membership year”. Beginning in 2016, when an individual joins OSHA for the first time, the “membership year” will commence on the date when the renewal payment has been received by OSHA and will expire one year from that date. That date will become the new member’s annual “renewal date” going forward.

Whom will the change affect?

The change will affect new members who join throughout the year, including new graduates who choose to take advantage of a free year of membership.

Members who are up-to-date on their dues will not experience any change. If you are a current OSHA member, your “membership year” began on November 1, 2015 and will expire October 31, 2016. November 1 will continue to be your “renewal date” in coming years.

Lapsed members can renew at any time by paying the annual dues. A reinstated membership will continue expire on October 31, and the new membership year for reinstated members will begin again on November 1.

Will I still receive my membership discount for the annual conference?

Current members and anyone who joins or renews prior to the October conference will continue to enjoy the membership discount for conference registration. You will receive an email from OSHA staff with a renewal invoice prior to the expiration date of your membership. Invoices for membership renewal and conference registration will continue to be sent separately.

Why the change?

Several years ago, technical issues made it necessary to send the membership renewal notices separately from the annual conference registration, which is now largely handled online. When OSHA staff began to send out invoices for membership dues separately from conference registrations, it became clear that many people were confused about the duration of their membership. Some people were dismayed to learn that they had paid for an annual membership just prior to the conference that would expire in several weeks.

If at any time you have any questions about your membership, or how you might be affected by the new “membership year”, please do not hesitate to contact the OSHA staff. Have a great 2016!


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