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The Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association is dedicated to providing the highest level of communication potential to people of all ages.

Registration now open for OSHA conference attendees and interested exhibitors, sponsors or advertisers.  

On behalf of the Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association, it is my pleasure to invite you to join us at the 2017 OSHA Annual Conference October 13-14, 2017, at the Salem Convention Center, in Salem, Oregon.

Online registration is now closed.  On-site registration for the OSHA Conference is available Thursday evening from 5:30pm-8pm and Friday & Saturday mornings beginning at 7:30am.  

2017 OSHA Conference Brochure 

The OSHA video series, Making Connections, is now available for viewing and sharing! 

Here you can link to all five short documentaries and the compilation film, or visit our youtube channel at:


Making Connections is a glimpse into the very broad and diverse world of speech-language pathology and audiology through the profiles of Oregon clinicians in different practice settings. 

We wanted to show how speech-language pathologists and audiologists build relationships with their patients, clients, and students, so they can effectively help people with communication and swallowing needs connect with the important people in their lives.

Many thanks to filmmaker Kai Tillman, project manager Phaedra Urban, and the clinicians and participants who volunteered their time and their personal stories.

Making Connections was made possible by a grant from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA).

Advocacy for Reasonable Workloads and Caseloads for School-Based SLPs

OSHA has produced a letter, available at the link below, that will be sent to special education directors in Oregon, advocating for reasonable caseloads and workloads for SLPs. We urge directors who plan, budget and hire for SLP coverage in their districts to take into account the improved student outcomes that result from appropriate caseload size.

 If you are a school-based SLP who is in need of a more reasonable caseload, please feel free to share this letter, along with the evidence-based informational graphs, with your colleagues, union representatives or administrators. 

Advocacy for Caseload Limits: Letter and Graphs 

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