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2015 Conference Registration Open!

I would like to warmly invite you to attend this year’s OSHA Conference in Portland October 9-10. I am thrilled at the quality of national and regional speakers who agreed to join us on Friday, as well as the range of professionals who submitted presentations Saturday.  It looks to be a well-rounded program, with something for nearly everyone.

This year, the Friday talks will be split into half days for continuing education purposes.  This means you will have the opportunity to attend sessions with two presenters that day, if you desire.  I hope this flexibility will enhance the conference experience and I am very appreciative of the speakers’ willingness to work within this format.

Also new this year – roundtable discussions on Friday morning.  During the breakfast hour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit tables featuring discussions on a wide variety of topics.  I would like to invite members who are interested in leading a discussion to email me to reserve a spot.  We have many tables so don’t hesitate if you have an issue, idea, method, or project you’d like to share or discuss with other interested members – I’ll gladly put you on the list!  And please encourage your colleagues if you think they have of something interest to bring to the discussions.   Please note the roundtables will not be a forum to market products or services, and we are unable to accept any topics with a commercial focus.

Last, we will be having an Oregon-wide OSHA Pub Night the Thursday evening before the conference begins.  We have reserved the lounge at the Red Lion for a no-host get together.  Come meet members from around the state!

Karen McLaughlin

OSHA Conference Program

Links to registration:

OSHA Annual Conference 2015 - Attendee

OSHA Annual Conference 2015 - Exhibitors

Monthly Pub Night!

OSHA has started up a monthly pub night as a gathering space where the community of communication disorders colleagues can meet, converse, and share perspectives.  Check the event calendar for monthly times and locations!

Universal Licensure

Consolidating speech-language pathology licensure in the state of Oregon?

Facts, Updates, and an informational BLOG!

Currently the Oregon Board of Examiners of Speech Pathology and Audiology (BSPA) has the authority to license all speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in Oregon. Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) also licenses SLPs through an exemption in the Oregon Revised Statutes. 
ORS 681.321(2) states: 

Nothing in this chapter restricts or prevents a person from engaging in speech-language pathology or audiology activities or from using the official title of the position for which the person is employed if the person: 
(A) Holds a valid and current teaching license with a communications disorder endorsement issued by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission; and
(B) Is employed by an education service district, a school district or a charter school


Honors and Awards

Nominate a Colleague for an OSHA Award!

New Management for OSHA

OSHA hires Court Street Consulting.  Read more here!

Healthcare Update and Changes

2014 was a year of change in healthcare. Check out the stories below for more details. You can
also find updates by following OSHA on Facebook, as well as the ASHA Leader and ASHA Headlines. You
may also contact OSHA directly or one Oregon's STAR or SMAC representatives.

House & Senate Pass 1-Year SGR "Patch":
The House of Representatives and U.S. Senate passed the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (H.R.
4302) which: 1) delays transition to ICD-10 until Oct. 1, 2015; 2) averts a 24% cut in Medicare Part B
payments; 3) extends the current therapy cap exceptions process for 1 year.

Medicare Capped Rental for Speech Generating Devices (SGDs):

Starting on April 1, 2014, Medicare changed the way it pays for SGDs by implementing a "capped rental"
payment program. Capped rental changes the way Medicare provides SGD coverage and funding.

Medicare Changes Manual Review to Post-Payment:

Due to the issuance of new contracts for Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs), the Centers for Medicare &
Medicaid Services (CMS) announced it will only perform post-payment manual medical reviews for therapy
services provided over $3,700 for dates of service that began February 28, 2014.


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