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OSHA Board Roster 

 Position Name 
 Executive Committee  
 President  Lyndsay Duffus
 Past President Karen Aguilera 
 President-Elect Jill Dolata
 VP Finance  Janet Wagner
 VP Science & Education  Rik Lemoncello
 VP of Government Affairs Jonalyn Brown
 Secretary   Elizabeth Ebensteiner

 Regional Representatives
 Region 1  Kelli Murdock Eickelberg
 Region 2  Jessica Chace
 Region 3  DeNell Gallagher
 Region 4  Susan Ruzzo
 Professional Affiliation Representatives  
 Audiology  Lyndsay Duffus
 Clinic-Based SLP  DeNell Gallagher
 School-Based SLP Melissa Link-Cole
 EI/ECSE  Daniela de Young
 Ed. Deaf & H of H  Nikki Hinsley
 Health Care/Medical SLP  Lindsay Barrett
 Higher Ed Rep - PSU  Claudia Meyer
 Higher Ed Rep - Pacific U  Eric Sanders
 Higher Ed Co-Rep - U of O  Elise Peltier 
 Higher Ed Co-Rep - U of O  Heather Moore
 CSLPA    Stacey Cochran
 Student Representatives 
 Portland State University  Aamna Malik
 Pacific University  Sarah Curl 
 University of Oregon  Sara Williams

 ASHA Liasons
ASHA Advisory Council-AUD  Lindsay Duffus
ASHA Advisory Council-SLP Laura Polich
 State Advocate for Reimbursement (STAR) Tina Haskins
 State Advocate for Medicare Policy (StAMP)  Melissa Fryer
 State Education Advocacy Leader (SEAL)  Janet Wagner
 Committee Chairs   
 Advertising Leisha Vogl
 Budget Janet Wagner
 Ethical Practices  Susan Ginley
 Historian  Jim Huffman
 Honors and Awards  Karen Aguilera
 Membership  Danielle Owen
 Social Media  Jordan Tinsley
 Supercommittee  Jordan Tinsley/Melissa Fryer 
 Program  Rik Lemoncello
 Publications Chair  Marcia Frost
 Public Education  Vacant
 Website  Vacant

 Continuing Education  
 CEU Chair  Susan McKey
 Administrative Office  
 Government Affairs/Lobbying  Genoa Ingram
 Administrative Assistant  Laureal Williams
 Executive Director  Genoa Ingram

Interested in joining the OSHA Board of Directors?  Email us at oshadirector@gmail.com.

 If you have any questions regarding the board of directors, please contact the OSHA office via OSHAOregon@gmail.com

Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association l OSHAOregon@gmail.com
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