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2019 OSHA FALL Conference Handouts

Please Click on the Links Below to View or Print the Handouts for the OSHA conference. Please note that printed copies of these handouts will not be provided onsite. 

Note:  Not all instructors provide handouts prior to the conference.  Anything that has been provided is included below.  Staff will continue to update this page on a daily basis.  

Friday, October 11    
Start Time Course Title  Instructor  
(Note: Handouts are posted as provided by the presenter.)
8:00 am  Identifying and Assessing Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder Crais Crais AM -OSHA 2019 Identifying Infants-HO.pdf

Evidence Based Intervention for Neurodegenerative Disorders Stead Stead Evidenced Based Interventions Neurodegenerative.pptx.pdf
  Putting the Clinical Component into Clinical Research:
How to Really Integrate Single-Subject Research Designs into Your Practice

Perry-AM Single Subject Clinical Research.pdf


Literacy Intervention for Individuals with Complex Communication Needs Quinn  
   Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID): Food Selectivity and Refusal  Swigert

 Swigert Peds - HANDOUT two case histories and evaluation results.pdf

Swigert Peds HANDOUT ARFID- Food Selectivity and Refusal 3.5 hours Oregon.pdf

Swigert - Extra slides.pdf

 1:15 pm  Intervention with Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder  Crais

 Crais PM - OSHA Intervention 2019-HO.pdf

Crais PM - OSHA 2019 Case Study Handout.pdf

   CANCELLED - Quality Initiatives and Showing Outcomes  Kinder  
   Speak-Read-Write: Written Language Considerations into SLP Evaluations
for Bilingual Hispanic and African-American Students in K-12 Settings

 Perry-PM Speak-Read-Write.pdf


   Caregiver-Implemented Interventions for Children, Adolescents, and Adults Who use AAC Quinn  OSHA_Slides_Quinn_Caregivers_10-11-19.pdf
   Psychologically-Based Treatment for Oral and Pharyngeal Dysphagia: What Evidence
and Principles Support It?
 Swigert  Swigert Adults - HANDOUT Tx Oral and Pharyngeal Evidence and Principles 3.5 hours Oregon.pdf
  Saturday, October 12    
8:00 am Mindful Practice: Cultivating Wellbeing, Clinical Empathy, and Therapeutic Presence Frost

Frost OSHA 2019 Presentation REVISED.pdf

Frost References OSHA Presentation.pdf

   Exploring a Collaboration Intervention Between SLPs and Third-Grade Teachers
to Inform Future Partnerships

 Mitchell - 2018-Individual-Session-Attendance-Form.pdf

Mitchell Slides Handout 10.5.19.pdf

   Therapy for Children with Auditory Processing Disorders  Polich

 Polich 1What is APD.pdf

Polich 2Testing.pdf

Polich 3Categorization of APD.pdf

Polich 4Remediation.pdf

Polich 5Improving the Environment.pdf

Polich 6AuditoryTraining.pdf

Polich 7CBAT.pdf

   The Role of the SLP in Multidisciplinary Concussion Management for Adolescents Experiencing 
Persistent Concussion Symptoms (PCS)
 J. Wright & Sohlberg

 Wright_Sohlberg Handout.pdf

Wright Revised OSHA 2019 Presentation Script.pdf

Wright - Sllides Handout.pdf

   Telepractice Services Across the Lifespan  K. Wright, Morrell, 
McGill, Quinn, Peddicord
   No handout materials provided as of 10-16-2019
   SLP Roles with Ethics and Social Justice  Roberts, Donaldson

 Roberts - SLP Roles in Ethics and Social Justice.pdf

Roberts - Ethics and Social Justice References.pdf

Ethical Scenarios.pdf

Ethical Decision Making.pdf

Ethical Reflection.pdf

Social Justice Ethical Decision Making.pdf

 12:45 pm Typical Speech Development and Screening for Speech Sound Disorders in
Spanish-English Bilingual Preschool Children
 Gildersleeve-Neumann, Miller, 
Michel, Beltran
   No handout materials provided as of 10-16-2019
   Review of New (2019) Telepractice and Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Rules  Haag, Northam

 Northam OSHA Presentation Handouts 2019.pdf

Northam Example Competency Rating Scale for SLPAs.pdf

Northam Example Consultative Log.pdf

Northam Example Supervision Plan BSPA.pdf

Northam Final BSPA SLP-A Guidelines.pdf

  Compelling Case Studies & Research:  PROMPT in Action  Neal
   No handout materials provided as of 10-16-2019
   Expository Discourse in School-Age Children: Building the Legacy of Intervention for 
Spoken Language Production
   No handout materials provided as of 10-16-2019
   Practical Skills for Using Montessori and Reminiscent Therapies  Stead, Craddock
   No handout materials provided as of 10-16-2019
 2:30 pm  What Makes a Successful Student Clinician: Evidence and Opinions  Mandulak, Stead, Fitzgerald  HANDOUT - Mandulak Stead Fitzgerald OSHA 2019 Grad Clinician Evidence _ Opinions -2.pdf
   Telepractice in Schools: Common Challenges and Solutions  Martinez

 Martinez Slides Handount - Telepractice in Schools_ Common Challenges and Solutions.pdf

Martinez - Telepractice in Schools-Common Challenges and Solutions.pdf

   The Comprehensive Oral Peripheral Mechanism Evaluation and the School SLP: 
What to do When TOTs and/or Tongue Thrust is Suspected
 Vogl, Brakebill  Vogl, Brakebill TOT and Tongue Thrust_OSHA 2019.pdf
   Supervision Bootcamp: Preparing to be a SUPERvisor  Chin, Beaulieu  Chin - Supervisor Bootcamp Slides Handout.pdf
   Healthcare Settings of the Future: Building Excellence through Meaningful Supervision  Heassler, Schaid
 No handout materials provided as of 10-16-2019
   Poster Session
   Outcomes of Student Learning: Use of an Online Training Module for SPEAK OUT! Treatment
Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
 Pimentel, Nicholas,
Duckworth, Adrian
 SPEAK OUT poster OSHA.pdf
   How to Navigate Higher Education to Graduate School from
from Underrepresented and Diverse Backgrounds
 Michel, Shea, Roberts

 HTN OSHA Poster Handout .pdf

How to Navigate higher education to graduate school from underrepresented and diverse backgrounds .pptx.pdf

   Mastering the Grammar of Past Tense Counterfactual Sentences: Building the Legacy of Research in Later Language Development  Nippold, Nehls-Lowe, Lee  Nippold Poster PTCF.pdf

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