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Online registration is now closed.  On-site registration for the OSHA Conference is available Thursday evening from 5:30pm-8pm and Friday & Saturday mornings beginning at 7:30am.

2017 OSHA Conference Handouts 

All handouts that have been provided to OSHA by Saturday, October 7, 2017 are available at the links below.  Handouts will be available on this site for a limited time; through October 27, 2017. 

Friday Sessions 

Advocating for reading Speech Sound Disorders Handouts - Farquharson.pdf

Advocating for classroom Speech and Language Impairments Handouts - Farquharson.pdf

Critical Thinking Dysphagia 1 Elucidating In consistencies - Humbert.pdf

Critical Thinking Dysphagia 2. Supporting clinical decision (objective vs subjective) - Humbert.pdf

Critical Thinking Dysphagia 3 Motor Learning - Humbert.pdf

Critical Thinking Dysphagia 4. Challenge swallow (stay in your lane ) - Humbert.pdf

Critical Thinking Dysphagia 5. handouts for Advocacy (what swallowologist needs) - Humbert.pdf

SLPA - Behavior Management Strategies - Starlin.pdf

SLPA - Targeting Language Through Literature - Starlin.pdf

PEERS Mental Health Training Flyer 2018 - Ellingsen.pdf

PEERS School Training Flyer 2018 - Ellingsen.pdf

PEERS Young Adult Training Flyer 2018 - Ellingsen.pdf

The Science of Making Friends for Teens with ASD UCLA PEERS Program- Ellingsen.pdf

Poster Sessions 

Poster - Artificial Grammar Learning in Aphasia.pdf

Poster - Implicit and Explicit Learning of Sound Categories.pdf

Poster - Relationships Between Memory Skills and Sound-Category Learning.pdf

Poster - Therapy Strategies for Speech Sound Disorders.pdf

Saturday Sessions

It's Not About the Caseload - Shojinaga, Wilson, Gordon.pdf

Diagnosing Childhood Apraxia of Speech in Young Children You Can Do It.pdf

Working with Children with Dyslexia SLP Role 1 Larsen.pdf

Working with Children with Dyslexia SLP Role 2 Larsen.pdf

Working with Children with Dyslexia SLP Role 3 Larsen.pdf

Age in Head and Neck Cancer - Palmer, Graville.pdf

Navigating Pediatric AAC- Eddy, Hoy.pdf

Nuts and Bolts of Medicare - Grooms.pdf

Overcoming the Barriers to Treating Children with Voice-handout.pdf

Hyperfunctional Laryngeal Conditions - handout.pdf

Considering Pulmonary Defenses and Function in Dysphagia Assessment - Britton.pdf

The Implementation of a Writing Curriculum in a Self-Contained Special Education Classroom.pdf

Health Reform in 2017 and Beyond - Grooms.pdf

Optimizing Informed Consent in Clinical and Research Settings - Sharp.pdf

Understanding Home and Community-Based Service Options - Boyes.pdf

School-Age Stuttering A Practical Guide to Assessment.pdf

Using Complexity to Treat Grammatical Deficits in Children - DeAnda.pdf

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